Experts Weigh In: Why Is There A Nursing Faculty Shortage

how to become nursing faculty

-The Richard W. Oliver Merit Award will be presented to two mid-program students who during the first half of their degree program exhibited originality of thought and thoroughness of study: Juanita Helwig, B.S Nursing, and Christine Harper, M.S. Nursing, Education Specialization. -Ngozi Enwere, B.S. Nursing, is the recipient of the Mary A. Adams President’s Award honoring a student who exemplifies perseverance in their program of study toward earning their degree despite numerous obstacles. Steele can use this award toward tuition costs for three full courses in her chosen field of study. -Honorary doctorates will be awarded to Benjamin Rechter, keynote speaker, Michael Bowling, President DirecTV Latin American Northern Region for AT&T and Carrie Oliver, Founder and Managing Director of the Yare Group (London, U.K.). American Sentinel University awards honorary degrees to recognize outstanding achievement. Recipients receive a Doctor of Letters degree, and they are amongst the highest honors conferred by the university.

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