How To Retain Nursing Faculty: What You Should Know According To Experts

how to prepare for a nursing faculty interview

The nursing pin and accompanying ceremony represent a meaningful experience for nursing students. It symbolizes the completion of educational requirements that enable them to sit for the state licensure examination and then practice nursing. Emily MacDonald, nursing department chair, welcomed students, family, friends, faculty and staff. She reminded the nursing students of "the many reasons to be grateful in this moment. Family and friends who have supported you along your journey, patients and their families who have entrusted their care to you, your faculty who, believe it or not, have you and your patients' best interests at heart, but most of all that you have been called to this sacred profession. This ceremony represents your official initiation into the sisterhood and brotherhood of nurses. The ceremony is rich with symbolism and we touched upon many of these symbols in your first semester with us," said MacDonald. She reminded the audience that Florence Nightingale became known as "the lady with the lamp." As a tribute to Nightingale's dedication, the lamp icon became symbolic of nursing and can be found on many school pins symbolizing "the lamp of nursing knowledge." WMCC's nursing pin was changed from the Old Man of the Mountain to the lamp to honor this tradition. Retiring faculty member Donna Briere was next to address the graduates.

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